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  Ken Jones discovered photography at the age of 17, while still in High School.  His love of science and fine art found the perfect calling in the studio, on location and in the darkroom. He continued to perfect his art and craft through College and the U.S Air Force. "I am blessed to be compensated to do something I truly love. This is my gift from God and I was fortunate enough to recognize that at an early age".

   Ken Jones Photography is a full service Photographic firm, with a dedicated team of individuals all trained by Ken himself over a period of years in order to keep the integrity and quality of our work consistently high. 

   We have two distinct areas within the company. One servicing the Corporate, Institutional and Organizational client with commercial and editorial work. The other produces beautiful, thoughtful and heart felt imagery for our consumer clients in the form of Family portraiture, Personal Portraiture, Weddings, Senior Portraits and personal events. 

   Ken’s photography is nationally recognized for both editorial and Fine Art work. Ken has exhibited in some of the Nations most prestigious Art Galleries including The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.  

   The single most important project for Ken Jones is his work documenting Food Banks around the world and the people they serve, mostly children. This is a lifelong documentary. 

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