Ken Jones was 16 years old, a sophomore in High School and an exceptional Science student. At some point during that year he discovered Art, in particular he discovered the mediums of charcoal and clay. He decided he wanted to pursue a career in Fine Art. "My dream was to become a sculptor". Ken received his first scholarship to study Art from the Chrysler Museum School of Art at the age of 17. Somewhere in High School between his Junior and Senior year his Art instructor introduced him to Photography.

"The first time I saw a picture materialize on a blank sheet of Photographic paper and realized it was the same image that I had in my mind's eye when the shutter was pushed there was no turning back, I was in Love for life".

For the next 33 years Ken would travel across the Nation and across Oceans making images and learning about people and cultures of the World. He sharpened his skills working as a photographer through college and his tour of duty in the U.S Air Force.

Ken's work has been displayed in some of the Nation's most prestigious galleries including a once in a lifetime show at the Smithsonian Institution on the Washington DC Mall. His Documentary, Photojournalism has been honored with several One Man shows, the most recent being 'Rough Riders' at the Barnard Observatory on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The group shows he has participated in have been gatherings of some of the best in Fine Art. Ken Jones has been Houston based since 1983 and works with a well trained staff who are committed to quality and customer service. His client list includes fortune 500 companies, major not for profit organizations and some of Houston's most prestigious individuals.

"A photograph is much more than just a memento, some souvenir to remind us of a Day at the Beach. A photograph is an exact record of a slice in time, it's a small piece of real life captured at the very second it occurred. It is perhaps one of the most important tools for the recording of History that has ever been devised, and it's the Love of my life, it's my passion, my purpose, my gift from God".

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